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FOI 12898

Vehicle Fleet


See Q&A below


Following your Freedom of Information request please find the responses to your questions detailed below:

- Who is the current supplier of your municipal vehicle fleet including the following vehicles: Road Sweepers, Gully Emptiers, RCV’s etc? The Councils current vehicles were brought from Dennis Eagle and Scarab Sweepers following procurement procedures.

- When do these contracts expire? N/A as none of the vehicles are on a contract as purchased.

- Which Department manages these vehicles and their procurement, please include contact names, emails and numbers? The Department that manages the vehicles for Waste and Ground operations is Street Scene which is based at The Depot at Warley. The Manager of the Fleet is Dean Carroll – email address and the officer that deals with procurement for vehicles at The Depot is Mike Dun – email address Telephone number is 01277 312500.