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FOI 12838

Ward by Ward Referendum Data


I am sending this request to ask you to provide a breakdown on a ward by ward basis of the results
of the EU referendum in your local authority.
Ideally we would like the postal votes included in the relevant ward. If this is not possible, please
can you explain how postal votes have been allocated in your data.
As you may know, some areas have already published this. They include Birmingham, Bristol, Lambeth
and Greenwich. The BBC is hoping to collect this information on a UK wide basis.
If it would help, you may consider this as an FOI request. On the other hand, if you consider this
information lies outside FOI, please can you treat this as a request outside the terms of FOI, which I hope you will regard positively, so that we are able to build up a national picture which is as detailed and widely representative as possible.


Unfortunately this information is not available as the counting of ballot papers, including postal votes was not conducted on a ward by ward basis. In accordance with the directions from the Regional Counting Officer the ballot papers were mixed and counted in ‘mini counts’.
A full list of referendum results by local authority can be found on the Electoral Commission website.