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FOI 12814

Residential and Commercial Developments identified and in planning


Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 we request the attached information about
commercial and residential developments within your authority.
We have provided the list of queries in a form embedded in this email to make this request as easy as possible for you to fulfil, by replying to this email. If you prefer a word document to be sent, please advise.

UK Highways Procurement – Freedom of Information Request
The focus of this FOI request in on residential and commercial developments in your authority. Please answer accordingly.
Residential Developments
What is the number of units identified or square footage of residential development identified in your SHLA

What is the number of single sites identified for residential development of 200+ units
Please name the sites and provide the number of units planned on each site:

Commercial Developments
What is the square footage of commercial land identified for development in your authority?
What is the number of developments currently in planning?

Please list the developments by applicant

Using the table provided, please can you confirm how many units the following developers have delivered in your area:


Within last 5 years

Have permission to deliver within next 5-10 years

Barratt Homes




David Wilson Homes

Charles Church

Taylor Wimpey

Crest Nicholson

Linden Homes


I am responding to your information request dated 4th July 2016.This relates to identified and proposed residential and commercial developments in Brentwood Borough. After consideration, please find the below information in response to your questions.

Question 1. The Council's Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA, 2011) has provided the starting point for considering sites as part of the plan making process. The information you have requested can be obtained through analysis of the Council's SHLAA, which can be accessed via the council's website at

Since its publication, the Council's SHLAA (2011) has been supplemented by other sources and more up to date information where possible, such as:
• Sites submitted by landowners and developers;
• sites proposed by parish councils and members of the public; and
• other sites known or owned by the Council.
It is anticipated the Council's SHLAA will be updated later this year.

Question 2. In relation to the number of sites identified for residential development, the Council is currently preparing a new Local Plan for the Borough which, once adopted, will supersede saved policies in the current Replacement Local Plan (Adopted 2005). The new Local Plan will set out site allocations to guide future development. It is anticipated the Council will be in a position to commence pre-submission consultation early next year (2017) with a view to submission to the Secretary of State and adoption later in 2017.

Provisional allocations for residential and employment sites are set out in the Council's Draft Local Plan (2016). The information you have requested can be obtained through analysis of Appendix 2 and Appendix 3 of the Council's Draft Local Plan (2016), which can be accessed via the council's website at

Question 3. See answer to Question 2.

Questions 4, 5 & 6. The Council holds an online database of planning files which is updated daily and contains the information you have requested in relation to developments and their applicants granted planning permission over the past 5 years.

The information can be obtained through an analysis of publically available information that can be accessed via the Council's website. This can be carried out through the use of the advanced planning application search tool located at

To assist you in the use of the search tool please note the following fields will be of particular relevance:
Decision: Application Permitted / Approve (Subject to Section 106)
Development Type: Full list available on drop down
Decision Date: Enter desired date range

In addition, the Council annually monitors the amount of new housing that has been built, is under construction or has planning permission (but where construction has not yet started). Residential data is monitored by financial year, i.e. 01 April to 31 March.

This information is published on the Council’s website and can be viewed on the Council’s DataShare site, which provides data in an "open format" that is reusable and available to everyone for social or commercial purposes.

Data relating to the Council's DataShare site for 'Planning Services and Monitoring' is available to view using the link below:

The residential monitoring data was last updated for the monitoring period ending 31 March 2015. Available data is published as soon as possible and the publication of the 2015/16 residential data will take place shortly. Further monitoring information can be found on the Council's website at

In terms of specific developers bringing forward new housing, the Council does not hold this information in terms of planning application data or monitoring data. This is because the developer is not relevant to the decision or ongoing monitoring of completions. Any information regarding developers active in the Borough is anecdotal, and information can often be attained by visiting sites in the Borough. Generally within the last five years housing development has tended to be delivered by smaller house builders, due to the predominance of smaller housing sites locally. For larger sites (anything above 10 units) it may be worth searching our planning records according to the above sources and this could identify the house builder delivering a particular site.