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FOI 12802



Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, I would like to request the following information regarding car parks and parking season tickets in your council.

1) What is the total number of parking spaces in your Council owned car parks?
2) How many annual season tickets do you offer for sale at your Council owned car parks?
3) What is the average price of an annual parking season ticket?
4) As of 30th June 2016, how many active parking season ticket holders do you have for your council owned car parks


Brentwood Borough Council only holds the data you have requested in part.
The council operate a large number of car park the majority of which are either form the use of residents who resided in social housing or are linked to playing fields, community halls etc. The Council does not hold the information you have requested in respect of these sites or they are not lined.
Our car parks that are generally associated with shopping centres and in which season tickets are sold are lined and I can confirm there are 1411 spaces.
We offer 791 season tickets currently but this figure is adjusted to meet the requirements of our customers on a regular basis.
On 30 June there were 727 active season tickets.
All our season tickets are £950 on first application reducing to £890 at renewal if renewed on line.