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FOI 12754

Councillors Allowance Scheme


I’m writing to enquire about certain councillor allowances within your council.

 I am currently a second year university student and I am working on a summer research project which involves information on the mileage reimbursement rates in different UK councils.

 Unfortunately, upon looking through a number of documents on your web-site, including The Council Constitution, I was unable to find the required information.

 Therefore, I was wondering if it would be possible for you to provide me with the following information:

Reimbursement rates for car mileage, including different rates for different engine capacities and/or different annual mileage (if applicable)

Reimbursement rates for bicycle mileage, including any lump-sums or monthly allowances (if applicable).



Dear Mr Harasyuk

In response to your FOI request I can confirm the following:

1) Our reimbursement rates for car Mileage are as follows:
- Up to 10,000 miles – 0.45p
- Over 10,000 miles – 0.25p

However please note that we do not reimburse any of our Councillors for their car mileage.

2) We do not reimburse for bicycle mileage.