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FOI 12740

Thaxted Bold residents association


I would like to receive copies of the minutes and dates of any meetings where minutes were not produced ie when not enough residents in attendance for Thaxted Bold, Woodland Avenue CM13 1DD and the account
records for the same period for the residents association of Thaxted Bold for the last four years.


With regards to your recent FOI, I am able to provide the following documents. Please be advised that anything prior to February 2014 would have been in connection with the previous Officer, so I am only able to pass on what was provided by them on the system.

Please find attached the following documents:

• Minutes from a meeting held 3rd April 2012
• Minutes from a meeting held 20th June 2012
• Minutes from a meeting held 25th September 2012
• Minutes from a meeting held 28th February 2013
• Minutes from a meeting held 23rd July 2013
• Agenda from a meeting held 26th August 2014- This was my first introduction meeting to the group with Bob Berry. Unfortunately there are no minutes on record for this meeting, but this meeting did go ahead. At this meeting however, the set up of the association at the time was discussed and what had been happening at the block prior to me coming into post. At this meeting it was agreed that residents wanted the association to remain a fully constituted association, as this would create more structure. I then sent a letter out to residents the next day to propose the suggested committee and gave the opportunity for anyone else to nominate themselves for a role. At this meeting the bank account would have also been discussed, and you can see from my notes that £130 remained in the account, but as it would still be needed for an official association, no further action was taken in relation to this at that time, until the committee was formally agreed.
• A copy of the letter sent out after the introduction meeting
• Minutes from a meeting held on 24th September 2014
• Minutes from a meeting held on 23rd October 2014- This was my last meeting with the group. I then trialed organising an association for the whole of Woodland Avenue, but unfortunately there was not enough interest to get this going.
• Copies of the bank statements for the association account which I requested upon starting work with the group. There are no other records from my predecessor. As previously advised, as the group originally decided to remain as an official association the account would still have been needed. In initial talks with the group, I advised that we would need to look at signatories etc.. as people had moved out of Thaxted Bold and the committee would possibly be changing, however as the association was not taken any further due to reduced involvement, this was not fully addressed. No funds have been paid into this account since I have been in post, and I will now attend to the details of this account.