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FOI 12658

Planning Applications Residential Use


Please can you send me a list of planning applications granted for residential use over the past 3 years and include the percentage, and number of units, of affordable housing agreed for each.
Please list the address of the site, the date planning permission granted, the overall number of units agreed and how many of these units were affordable (please specify whether social rented, affordable rented or shared ownership).


Good morning,

Thank you for your recent Freedom of Information Act Request.

I can advise you that the information you require is below:

In response to your request, the Council holds an online database of planning files which is updated daily and contains the information you have requested in relation to planning applications granted for residential use over the past three years.

The information can be obtained through an analysis of publically available information that can be accessed via the Council's website. This can be carried out through the use of the advanced planning application search tool located at

To assist you in the use of the search tool please note the following fields will be of particular relevance:
Decision: Application Permitted / Approve (Subject to Section 106)
Development Type: Large scale Major Dev - Dwellings / Small scale Major Dev -Dwellings / Minor Developments - Dwellings
Decision Date: Enter desired date range

In relation to affordable housing, the Council monitors residential data, including the supply and completion of affordable housing, by financial year, i.e. 01 April to 31 March. This information is published on the Council’s website and can be viewed on the Council’s Data Share site, which provides data in an "open format" that is reusable and available to everyone for social or commercial purposes.

Data relating to the Council's Data Share site for 'Planning Services and Monitoring' is available to view using the link below:

The residential monitoring data was last updated for the monitoring period ending 31 March 2015. Available data is published as soon as possible and the publication of the 2015/16 residential data will take place shortly. Further monitoring information can be found on the Council's website at