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FOI 12190

CIL-based Funding for Education


If this Authority
has not yet adopted a CIL please indicate the current estimated date for adoption.
However, if this Authority has already adopted a CIL please answer the following queries:

Please set out the current process used by this Local Planning Authority (LPA) for assessing and then deciding what amount of CIL-based funds will be allocated to the Local Education Authority

Who is the officer responsible for leading this process for this LPA?

Who is/are the key decision-maker(s) for this LPA?

How often has this LPA received requests for CIL-based education funding from the LEA?

Please share details of all the requests for CIL-based education funding received from the LEA since this LPA first adopted CIL.

Please share details of the individual amounts of education funding the LPA agreed to provide to the LEA in each case; including what type of education these funds were allocated to (early years,
primary, secondary, special education needs, etc).


I can advise you that the information you require is held by Essex County Council and not Brentwood Borough Council.