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FOI 12176

MS3 VMS On Westbound A127


I am trying to ascertain who owns and is responsible for operating
the MS3 variable
message matrix gantry-sign on the westbound A127, between
Childerditch Lane and Little Warley Hall Lane. Both Highways
England (via FOI) and Essex County Council (via ECC Traffic Centre,
awaiting their FOI response) state it is not theirs. I have
searched online for the planning application but I cannot find one
for that location, can you please provide me with any planning
documents that may shed light on which body owns and operates the


Essex County Council are the Highway Authority and have responsibilities for the A127. Therefore any signage whether variable or static would be a matter for Essex County Council to deal with. Whether to manage or maintain if it is their sign, or to remove it if not their sign, as it would be construed as an obstruction on the public highway which Essex County Council have the necessary powers to enforce.

I would have expected any gantry sign over the A127 would be a matter for ECC.