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FOI 12090

Littering Fines


 I am writing to request information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. The time frame for my request is from 00:01 1 January 2010 up until 23:59 31 December 2015. In order to assist you with this request, I am outlining my query as specifically as possible. 1) How many fines has your authority issued for littering in each month of each of the past five calender years? Please insert these figures into the supplied Microsoft Excel template file under the column for the relevant question and calender year, and to the right of the row for the relevant month. 2) What was the standard fine for an individual littering offence in each month of each of the past five calender years?


Thank you for your request below; I have checked with the appropriate officers and can confirm that Brentwood Borough Council have not issued any FPN’s for littering within the time scale requested.