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FOI 12015

Business Rates


Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, i would respectfully request the following:

All Companies/Organisations that have a Business Rates Credit/Overpayment and/or any Write On/Write Offs on their account.

Could I as that you please include both open/active and closed/inactive accounts. Can I also ask that you detail whether the account is open/active and closed/inactive accounts
and if the account is in Administration/Liquidation etc.

I would request that the date from 1990 to present day.

If ALL the requested data is available on an online dataset. Could I please have the URL and the dates when the dataset will be updated.

If there is not a dataset, can I please be provided in
Excel/CSV format, the following information:

Company Name, Property Address, Start Date, Property Ref, Credit or Write on Amount, Date that credit or write on refers to. Account Status / Closed / Active

I would ask that the data is up to date as possible. Could you also please advise the date that the data is extracted.


At present I only have a limited amount of information available as the department has just been through a complete system conversion, and up-to-date details are not yet compiled. However, I have attached some earlier lists which may be of assistance to you