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FOI 11962

Dunton Garden Suburb


I do think your comments in the article concerning the above development,

'We are a green belt authority and we know protecting the green belt is paramount. But we have a number of villages in Brentwood, we want to protect them',

is in my opinion rather a selfish remark on your part. It seems you are quit prepared to build all these extra houses in a far flung corner of your area away from your constituent's and burden West Horndon and Langdon Hills with all the extra environmental
problems, ie traffic and undesirable elements in the form of so called travellers. These houses will not benefit any of the local population but will be mostly occupied by people from outside the area, (inner London) who will take advantage of the rail link
to the City and the generous cash offered by their respective councils to relocate . The daily traffic in this area is already horrendous and a new development will only make the matter worse, along with the extra burden on the non existent and struggling
infrastructure and the added destruction of the area's wildlife.

I would like to know under the Freedom of Information Act if in your official capacity you have any vested interest in this development, (Your disclosure on the council's website mentions you are a Director of a property company)?.


Thank you for your request for information(by email dated 8th January 2016) made under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)2000 , addressed to Cllr McKinley which has been given the reference number 11962 .

Cllr McKinley has no disclosable interest in the proposed development at Dunton Garden Suburb whether or not the proposals proceed , nor has she any interest to declare under the Code which the Council has adopted in relation to Councillor’s interests , which goes far wider than the minimum standards.

This reply covers any vested or other pecuniary interest held by Cllr McKinley , whether in a personal or official capacity .

So far as the majority of your email is concerned , you are expressing views which bear on the planning procedures . The Council will shortly be carrying out the next stage of formal consultation , giving the public the opportunity to make views known .