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FOI 11787

e-Procurement and Contract Management Software


Please could you provide me with information on the following:

Details of who provides your e-procurement software and contract management software

The return information should include:

Category of service i.e. e-procurement, contract management

Name of supplier i.e. Due NorthAnnual value of contract i.e. £10,000 p/aExpiry date of contract i.e. 01/06/2015Business / service owner (please include full contact details) i.e. Mrs Barbara Brown If contract management functionality is via a module on your current e-procurement system, is it currently being used?If you are not currently using any contract management software, what are the main tools being use to manage contracts i.e. Excel Spreadsheets


Thank you for your recent FOI

Our e-procurement software is provided by ABS and our contract management software is and InHouse system