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Brentwood Borough Council

FOI 11762

Uunaudited and Audited Statement of Accounts


Please provide us with the
draft (unaudited/pre-audit)
statement of accounts
of Brentwood Borough Council as specified below as we have been unable to locate these from your website or other sources.

Draft (unaudited/pre-audit) statement of accounts for the following year(s)

a. 2008-2009

b. 2009-2010

c. 2010-2011

d. 2011-2012

The draft statement of accounts is usually available for public inspection during June/July/August each year.


In response to your FOI regarding the pre-audited financial statements:

Link to website -

2008-09 – Can be found via our website – Year 2009/ Audit Committee/ 12th August 2009

2009-10 – Please see attached document

2010-11 – Via our website – Year 2011/ Audit Committee/ 29th June 2011

2011-12 – Please see attached document