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FOI 11761

Use of Powers under Anti-Social Act


I am writing to enquire about your authorit use of powers under the Anti-Social Behaviou r, Crime and Policing Act 2014.


I would like to know:



  1. Has your local authority bro ught through any Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) since these powers became available on 20 October 2014? If so, please give details of the PSP Os (please provide the text of the order(s), and if possible a map of the a rea affected).

  2. Please state the council bod y or official who enacted the PSPO (eg, was the PSPO passed by a designated council officer, a designated committee, or full council?).

  3. Did you carry out a public c onsultation before introducing the PSPO?

  4. How has this PSPO been enfor ced? - for example, please give the number of on-the-spot fines or prosecut ions for violation of the PSPO; or any other available statistics regarding enforcement, for example alcohol confiscations.

  5. Please state which officers are responsible for the enforcement of the PSPO (eg, council wardens, priva te contractors, or the police).

  6. Did your authority cancel or modify a draft PSPO after recieving feedback or opposition from members of the public?

  7. Are you planning or consulti ng on a PSPO to bring through in the future? If so, please give details: th e text of the order and the planned date of consultation/enactment.

  8. CPNs: Please state the number of Community Protection Notices (CPNs) that you have issued sinc e October 2014. Please indicate the subject of these CPNs (eg, messy garden s, feeding the birds, busking, or begging). If possible, please provide the text of these notices.

 Of course, please state if yo ur authority does not have the power to enact PSPOs or CPNs.


Further to your recent Freedom of Information Request I can confirm that this Local Authority has not used the new powers in respect of PSPOs or CPNs.