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FOI 11760



For those societies that are licensed to promote lotteries under a small society lottery license, please send me;

1. Name of society licensed

2. Address (including postcode) of office or head office of society
3. Telephone number of society

4. Name of person that applied for the license
5. Capacity
6. Address (including postcode)
7. Daytime telephone number


Most of the information that you have requested is publically available as part of our licensing register. The information that is not publically available is deemed to be protected by virtue of the Data Protection Act on the basis that it is information that is specific to an individual.

In order to assist as far as possible I have attached a copy of the register, which contains the licence number, the name of the organisation and their address, the date of registration and the date of renewal.

Information such as personal addresses and phone numbers has not been supplied as it is believed that this is exempt due to being protected information. We do not record the capacity of the applicant.