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FOI 11746

Virtual Parking Permits


I have been informed by a number of Town Centre residents of a change to the Parking Permit system - they had been informed, on enquiry - that the permits will, in future be virtual.....but no-one had not received any notification.

As a town centre resident myself, I too have not received notification of this change and yet I understand the change was 'launched' at the end of October.

Therefore, I am submitting the following Freedom of Information requests.

Freedom of Information Request - Virtual Parking Permits

- Number of people written to.

- The date that the letters were sent out.

- Where were the letters printed? Which print service or company was used?

- Who sent the letters out? Which company?

- How much was the post bill?


SEPP administer on street parking on behalf of ECC so please direct your enquiry to

I met with the parking manager at Chelmsford a couple of months ago who advised me that they were rolling virtual permits out across south Essex but I am not aware of the schedule or how they propose to move from the current system.
I am sorry I can’t be of any more help but I am familiar with the system so please give me a ring if you would like to discuss in general how it works