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FOI 11667

Resident Parking Zones


Please can you advise me if your organisation holds this information and if allowed under FOI Act
please send me an electronic copy of the following;

Equivalent to highlight, dashboard, exception reporting that your organisation uses to report on the management and performance of actual contracts to relevant
 managers, senior managers, project boards, programme boards. The date of the information will be after April 2014.  Note: this is not a request for your contracts register.

Equivalent to Supplier Performance Management documentation (e.g. minutes, notes, reports, non-conformance reports, escalation reports) that your organisation
 used for management performance and or benchmarking of actual contracts with a total value of over £172,000 for up to 10 contracts ideally used in the Housing part of your organisation.  Also the information may include reports that originate from the supplier.
 The date of the information will be after April 2014. Note: where monthly meeting notes are used to manage the contract the last three sets of notes per contract will be sufficient.



Advised requester to forward their request to SEPP