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FOI 11658

Disposals of land and property interests to overseascompanies


I would like to request information under FOIA about the direct disposal by the council of land and property interests where the purchaser is an overseas company.

 By ‘overseas company' I mean any body corporate either legally incorporated in a foreign country or registered to or providing an address in a foreign country.

 I would be especially interested in this information in respect of the three calendar years from January 2012 up until the date my request was lodged. However, I will
 be grateful for the requested information in respect of a narrower time frame if this would help to make release of the information more manageable for you within cost/time restrictions.

 1) Please can you advise me how and where information is stored about the purchasers of council interests in land and buildings, in particular the names of any IT
 databases or paper-based filing systems used and how they can be filtered or searched to reveal direct disposals to an overseas company?

 2) Please can you tell me how many land and property interests have been directly disposed of to an overseas company?

3) Please can you provide me with brief details of each disposal, in particular the date of disposal and address of the land/building, a link to the council report,
 or some other piece of information I can use to look this up myself?



I would confirm that to the best of our knowledge no leasehold interests have been granted to overseas companies.