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FOI 11611

Electric Vehicles and Charging Points


Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, I would like to request the following information regarding electric vehicles and charging points in your council.

 Between 1st June 2014 – 31st May 2015:

 1. How many electric vehicle charging points did your council install?

 2a. What was the total cost of installing these charging points?

 2b. What was the total number of charging points under your council’s control at the end of 31st
 May 2015?

3. How many times have the charging points been used in total (within the specified date range)?

 4. How much did the council spend on promoting electric vehicles and charging points (during the
 specified date range)?



Thank you for your Freedom of Information request detailed below. We have no electric vehicles on our fleet and have not installed any charging points in the Borough therefore the questions below are not applicable.