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FOI 11528

FW: Freedom of Information - Syria Refugee Response


Under a freedom of information request following the announcement by the Prime Minister the Rt Hon David Cameron MP that the UK would take 20,000 refugees from Syria over the 5 year term of this current Parliament until 2020.

Could I enquire to how many Refugees your local authority is able to take in during the first year and over the full term period as described above?


The government is currently working with the Local Government Association and we are waiting for the more details of how the resettlement programme will operate. Within the Council we have been having discussions, working out what could be required and the actions we could take. This brings together housing options, access to funding and emergency accommodation. We are liaising with our community partners and charities and other local authorities. We want to ensure that we are ready and able to provide any support we are asked to give.