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FOI 11480



We formally request information on all schools in your local authority regarding their current broadband and filtering provision.

I attach an excel spread sheet if you can kindly give us all required per school information in this format.

Please can you also answer the following questions

1. Which framework did the council use to procure broadband services to schools it provisions to?

2. If a school leaves the councils broadband services does the council host any other services on its network (e.g. payroll, Capita SIMS?

a. If so what?

b. If so how can these be accessed?

c. Is there any charge for a school to access this per annum and if so how much is it?

3. Can a school make changes to their own firewall or filtering policy without having to call the councils support desk?

4. Can a school break contract early?

a. If so what is the financial penalty?


The FOI has been acknowledged and the requestor advised via email that it has been passed to ECC for attention and response direct.