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Brentwood Borough Council

FOI 11461

Business Rates


Please would you send an excel spreadsheet for all business premises with in your council and including the following columns:

Column 1: Property Reference

Column 2: Property Address (excl. Post Code)

Column 3: Post Code

Column 4: Ratepayer

Column 5: Current Rateable Value

Column 6: Status (eg. Empty or Occupied)

Column 7: Date of Status (eg. when became empty/occupied)

Column 8: Current Relief Awarded (eg. SBRR, Retail, None etc)

Column 9: Current Relief Start Date

Also, i have attached a PDF file containing Runnymede District Councils stance with regards to supplying information on individuals. I would ask that you refer to this before making your decision on sending me information on individuals.


please find attached list