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FOI 11395

Homelessness Applications


I am seeking the following information about homelessness support and
making homelessness applications at your council.

Could you please send me the following information:

1) Details of any local connection requirements for people wishing to
make a homelessness application to your council.

2) Details of homelessness prevention funds or financial assistance in
your borough.

3) Details of specific homelessness intervention and prevention
support services offered by your borough.

4) Details of deposit/rent support schemes or assistance that your
borough offers for people who need help securing a tenancy

5) Details of any liaison services that your borough provides between
prospective LHA tenants and private sector landlords, or links to
council websites that supply that service.

6) Details of contact information that people can use to contact your
council to make a homelessness application.

Please include:

- A relevant contact email address
- A relevant contact phone number
- Address details for offices where people can make a homelessness
application in person.
- Contact details for Housing Duty Manager/out of hours assistance for
people seeking homelessness support out of hours


With reference to your recent Freedom of Information request, please find attached the information as requested.