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FOI 11390

Housing Allocation Scheme Changes


I am writing to request some information in relation to housing allocations in your area, and specifically how your policy has changed over time. It is my understanding that your local authority is a local housing authority for the purposes of the Housing Act 1996 and that, as such, it is required to have a housing allocation scheme. As a strategic housing function, an allocations scheme is required whether your authority has its own housing stock or not. I am undertaking some research on behalf of the University of Birmingham. As part of that research I am keen to understand how your allocations scheme has changed over time.

 I would be grateful if you could provide the information I have requested by completing the attached spreadsheet. Briefly, I would like a list of all the dates on which your allocations scheme has been changed, plus details of the changes that were made in each of the three most recent amendments to the scheme. The Excel file has six worksheets within it:

 ·       An introduction sheet, which also has a set of progress indicators that should let you see whether you have filled in all the relevant boxes.

·       A sheet to record the name of your authority plus (optionally) the details of the person completing the form.

·       A sheet to record the list of dates on which the scheme has been changed.

·       Three sheets to provide details of the three most recent changes to the scheme.

 On each sheet, you should be able to record most of the information using the yellow boxes alone. If you would like to provide additional commentary, please provide it in the orange boxes.

 On the sheet requesting the list of dates of changes, please provide the dates in order (most recent first).

 On each of the 'change' sheets, each of the yellow boxes has its valid answers defined as a set of options. You should select the relevant answer from the drop-down list.



With reference to your recent Freedom of Information request, please find attached the information as requested.