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FOI 11344

Right to Buy


Please advise on your progress in providing replacement properties
with funds from right to buy sales since the new rules applied in
April 2012.
How many homes have been sold under the right to buy, by your Council,
and how many replacement homes have been provided with those funds in:
1. 2012/13.
2. 2013/14.
3. 2014/15.
4. Since April 2015.
Please also advise how many more replacement properties are currently
planned with funds earmarked from RTB sales.
Finally please indicate if you anticipate that you will be obliged to
send any funds to central Government due to being unable to commit to
providing the required level of replacement housing and if so how much
money you will be sending as a result.


With reference to your recent Freedom of Information request, there have been no replacement homes built between 2012 and 2015.  There are currently 12 properties earmarked for new build with the Right to Buy receipts in the financial year.

No funds are anticipated to be sent to the Government due to the new builds currently being planned.

The Right to Buy sales are listed below.

2012/13 – 11 RTB sales
2013/14 – 14 RTB sales
2014/15 – 15 RTB sales + 1 completion of the remaining 50% share of the property of which the first 50% share was purchased under the Rents to Mortgage
2015/16 – 3 RTB sales since April 2015