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FOI 11341

Website Usage


Please could you provide the following information about the usage of your website:

The total number of sessions (visits) made to your website. The overall 'bounce rate' that is the proportion of sessions which involved only 1 pageview. The proportion of sessions on your website made on desktop devices, mobile devices and tablet devices respectively

Please confirm what system you use to measure site usage (such as Google Analytics).

Please provide these figures for the 12 months ending 31 July 2015 unless only a shorter timeframe is possible. If you filter some sessions from your website (such as visits from IP addresses used by your employees), please provide the figures for both the filtered and unfiltered data (what Google Analytics calls 'views'). If you have multiple websites pease provide these figures for each site.

My intention is to use this data for benchmarking purposes so any additional explanation of the source of the data that will assist in benchmarking would be appreciated


There were 556,588 sessions with a bounce rate of 50.98%.

Device categories are Desktop 53.17%, Mobile 29.05%, Tablet 17.70%.

We use Google Analytics.