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FOI 11314



May I request the following information, which relates to statutory homeless individuals and households within Brentwood Borough Council ?

·         What are the number of individuals and statutory homeless households that have presented themselves to your services within Brentwood Borough Council? Please give an annual figure for each for the last 5 years where records are available.

 ·         How many of these individuals and households were housed within social housing owned by the council, and how many had to be housed in privately-owned accommodation paid for by the council?

 ·         How many of these individuals and households were offered temporary accommodation within your authority and how many had to be housed elsewhere? Once again, please give figures for the last 5 years.

 ·         How much money was spent in each year by Brentwood Borough Council  on temporary housing for the statutorily homeless broken down by cost type?

 o    The anticipated cost types are Private Licence Agreement, Bed and Breakfast, Non Secure Tenancies (Council & RSL owned), Rent - Bad Debt, Property Dilapidation, Client Storage and Furniture. However any additional breakdown of cost available would be greatly appreciated.


With reference to your Freedom of Information request, I sincerely apologise for the delay in responding to you. The information took far longer to compile than estimated. The responses to your enquiries are attached.