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FOI 11160

Independent Living Fund closure


I am seeking answers to the following questions regarding the devolution of the Independent Living Fund (ILF) and associated monies to your authority.

Could you please let me know:

1) Has the DWP or the ILF trust told your authority how much Independent Living Fund money will be devolved to your council until 2016?

2) If Yes, when did the DWP/ILF trust pass that information to your authority?

3) What is the total amount of the devolved funds?

4) Has the DWP/ILF trust told your authority how many Independent Living Fund recipients reside in your borough and how much ILF money individual ILF recipients received in their individual care packages?

5) At the date of this email, how many of those ILF recipients have had their care cases and needs reviewed to determine the levels of care support and funding that they will require when the ILF closes on 30 June?

6) How many ILF recipients have not had their cases assessed yet?

7) Does the authority expect to be able to meet the care costs of all ILF recipients to the same level as ILF funding?

8) Has your authority had any indication from the DWP that ILF funding will continue to be devolved to your council after 2016?

9) Please send all general email correspondence that your authority received from the DWP in the last six months regarding the devolution and management of the ILF closure.


please refer this enquiry to Essex County Council, who have the social care responsibilities for this area.