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Brentwood Borough Council

FOI 11088

Rate Relief


In accordance with the provisions specified within the above Act I hereby request the following information. The information requested relates to properties that have applied for rate relief under Section 44A of the Local Government Finance Act 1988.

 Reequired Information;- Properties that have been granted or refused Section 44A rate relief from 01/04/2010 to present.

 ·         The date of application for Section 44A Relief

·         The account holder liable for business rates on the property at the time of application (please note we do not require any personal information concerning sole traders)

·         The applicant's name where different from the above

·          Whether the application was granted of refused

·         The Property Reference Number (also known as the Billing Authority Reference Number)

·         The address of the property

·         The rateable value of the property

·         The start date of the Section 44a Relief (where granted)

·         The end date of the Section 44a Relief (where granted)



I confirm that the department does hold and can release the attached information