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Litter & Flytipping Enforcement


Prior to the recent local election, every candidate who leafleted my home claimed they would clean up the streets and clamp down on fly tipping. Over recent months I have witnessed an increase in street litter and fly tipping in the Brentwood area. Please advise what is being down to counter this anti social and hazardous behaviour. Kindly inform me how many people have been successfully prosecuted for litter and fly tipping offences in the local area and the punishment they received. Furthermore, please confirm the number of successful prosecutions / fines in relation to dog fouling. Thanks and kind regards.


Number of prosecutions for littering/fly-tipping
For the period 1/1/2014-30/05/2015 formal action was taken for 4 incidents relating to fly-tipping and breach of waste regulations. None of these incidents resulted in prosecution proceedings.
Punishment received
The action taken resulted in Fixed Penalty Notices being issued. This was set at £80
What is being done to counter this anti-social behaviour
On the 17th June 2015 Council approved for a new Street Inspector role to be created. This role will primarily focus on enforcing littering, fly-tipping, and early presentation of bags for refuse collection. It is envisaged that a person will be in place by the end of the summer.
Number of fines/prosecutions in relation to dog fouling
For the period 1/1/2014-30/05/2015 there were zero fines and zero prosecutions issued for dog fouling.