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FOI 11017

Non Domestic Rates


We would be grateful if you could supply (ideally in spreadsheet form if convenient), a list of all credit balances over £500 owing to incorporated companies in respect of National Non Domestic Rates, both where the credit is owing on the current/closed balance, and also in respect of past years where the credit has not been carried forward.

Could you also provide a similar list where any such overpayment/credit has been cancelled by a 'write on' and not subsequently reversed/refunded.
For clarity, the list(s) are to include, if possible –

(1)   The address and ideally the Property Reference Number of the hereditament to which the account refers.

(2)   The name of the company to which the credit/overpayment is payable.

(3)   The value of the credit/overpayment.

(4)   The year(s) to which the credit/overpayment refers.

We would like this information to date back as far as your records permit. We are aware that you may not be able to provide information naming individuals as opposed to incorporated entities, and we understand if column (2) is redacted in these cases.



Please find attached credit listing which may be of assistance to you.