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FOI 11016

Local Authority Spending Power


This request relates to spending power calculations and the extent to which they affect adult social care budgets.

 Local Authority Spending Power figures are published annually by the Department for Communities and Local Government as the key measure of revenue available to local authorities, aggregating the resources that councils have available to support services for local citizens.  These figures have been taken from publically available statistical releases, and represent annual Spending Power Per Dwelling.

Brentwood's spending power calculation has been projected to be £299.96 by 2016, a fall of 4.20% since 2012.  Please can you tell us whether:

 a.      This reduction is expected to be passed directly to adult social care budgets in 2016

b.      Adult social care budgets should expect a greater reduction

c.      Adult social care budgets should expect a less reduction

 This information, we believe, should not fall under the category of 'commercially sensitive' and we believe it should be readily available. If you foresee any problems with this information request we should be very grateful if you would let us know.



Brentwood Borough Council’s spending power reduction will not effect adult social care as this is an County Council function so would fall under Essex County Council.