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FOI 10687

Funeral Directors


1. What is the name(s) and address details of the funeral director used by the council?

2. How does the council choose suppliers?
3. What is the tendering process if I wanted to supply my company's services to the council?

4a. Is there an online directory used by the council when selecting suppliers?
4b. What is the name of the directory and where does the council place notices when seeking a supplier? Provide link

5. Does the council deal with public health funerals?

6. How many public health funerals have taken place within the last year (from March 2014 to the present)?

7a. Which department(s) are involved within the public health funeral process?
7b. What is the name of the person(s), department and telephone number of the staff member(s) who search for missing or unknown family members when undertaking a public health funeral?
7c. What is the name of the person(s), department and telephone number of the staff member(s) who search the property or deal with issues revolving around the asset/estate of the deceased?

8a. If the council cannot locate the missing or unknown family members, what is the name of company/firm used by the council to trace these relatives?
8b. What is the tendering process for choosing the company/firm mentioned in 8a?
8c. Who is involved in the decision making of choosing the company/firm mentioned in 8a? (Provide the name and contact details)
8d. How many cases have there been, where the company/firm (8a) have been unable to locate missing or unknown family members?

9. Apart from family members, who notifies the council of a death? State name and contact details

10a. Does the council put an appeal online or in the paper, when searching for unknown or missing family member?
10b. Provide link and name for 10a.
10c. If this is not undertaken by the council, who is responsible for this and where is the plea published? Provide link

11. In the last 12 months, how many public health funerals have taken place? Please provide

a) Date and place of death
b) Name of the deceased
c) Last known address
d) Date of birth
e) Have family members/next of kin been contacted?
f) Who contacted the family members/next of kin?
g) Have these cases been referred to the Treasury Solicitor/Bona Vacantia, QLTR, Duchy, Farrer & Co or Ultimus Haeres?
h) Are these details published online? Provide website link

12a. Which hospitals refers cases to the council, where a public health funeral is necessary?
12b. What are the contact details of the person at the hospital who refers these cases to you?


Thank you for your Freedom of Information request regarding Public Health Act Funerals, this has been passed to me as the responsible officer for this service area. I will answer your questions below as per the number.

1. We use three main funeral directors located in Brentwood; Bennetts Funeral Directors, 120 High Street, Brentwood, CM14 4AS, and The Co-operative Funeralcare Brentwood, 94 High Street, Brentwood, CM14 4AP, and A.E. & J.E. Farrer Funeral DIrectors, 33 High Street, Billericay, CM12 9BA.

2. The Council rotates between these three local companies, in turn.

3. The Council does not currently operate a tendering process for this service due to the low annual level of expenditure incurred. Other providers are welcome to submit their details and costings for such services as appropriate and for consideration.

4a. No there is not.

4b. Not applicable.

5. Yes, under the Public Health (control of disease) Act 1984.

6. One.

7a. Environmental Health and Cemeteries.

7b. The Cemeteries Technical Officer would search the grave records and the Environmental Health Officer would try to contact family members.

7c. This would be the Environmental Health Officer on duty, this can vary, the contact number is 01277 312500.

8a. The Council does not use any company.

8b. Not applicable.

8c. Not applicable.

8d. This information is not held by the Council and therefore we are unable to disclose further.

9. The Coroner from the local Hospitals - we do not hold contact details, and Funeral Directors booking a funeral - again this varies.

10a. No the Council does not.

10b. Not applicable.

10c. No plea is published.

a. No date recorded. Place of Death is a local care home. Address details have not been provided.

b. John O'Hara.

c. Not known.

d. Not known.

e. Family was estranged - they were contacted by the Environmental Health Officer.

g. No - there was no estate left.

h. No they are not.

12a. Any local hospitals including Queens Hospital Romford, Basildon Hospital and Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford.

b. This would be the coroner on call and would vary - contact details are not recorded.