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Revenue and Benefits processing



1. How many staff work within the Revenues & Benefits department, that input data collected from residents?
2. What is the percentage of paper based data to electronic data that is processed within the R&B department? (i.e. 40% paper / 60% electronic) . Please note: electronic being data that is collected on the telephone by operators and added straight away into the computers - and paper based being forms that are posted in and hard copy material, such as paper forms, etc - which then have to be either scanned or manually inputted)
80% paper/20% electronic
3. Typically how much time (or percentage of their work) per officer's day is used to manually enter data from paper forms, into their computers?
Not known
4. Are any scanning machines used with the paper based data inputting (and if so to elaborate their functions, processes, etc)?
Yes, one scanning station is used for the scanning and indexing of all incoming paper documentation.
5. What is the compete process from them picking up a paper form, for the information being manually inputted, and additionally being checked by another officer, to being passed to any other department/officer, etc?
Paper documents are indexed with document type and account/claim reference. This image is scanned into the data imaging system work trays and used by officers to process the work.