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FOI 10675

Procurement tool



In response to you FOI request, please see answers below:

Please provide the name of and provider of your e-procurement / e-tendering system?
Delta E-Sourcing

Of the modules you have purchased this, which are you actively using?
Tender Manager

What do you see as the limitations to the current system;
We are happy with the system

Does your organisation have clearly defined and documented processes in relation to contract management?

If yes, approximately what % of Council staff use this;

Do you have a dedicated contract management or monitoring function within the Council?

If Yes, where does this function sit within the organisation i.e. Procurement, Audit. Please provide a copy of Terms of Reference / Strategy for this function.

Do you have a central contracts register for all third party contracts and agreements entered in to by the Council? Please note, 'Central' refers to all contract data being held in one place i.e. within a legal or procurement function.

If yes, what is the lower limit of contracts placed on the register?

If yes, is the contract register;

a. Own, bespoke - Excel, access type database
b. Third party system / e-procurement solution - the Contracts Register Service, JCA
Own bespoke

How many current / active contracts do you have on your contracts register?

Of those current / active contracts on your register, how many do you have physical contact for (whether as a soft or hard copy)? It is approximately,
a) less than 25%,
b) 25%
c) 50%
d) 75%
e) don't know

Of those current / active contracts on your register, what is their combined total contract value

Of those current / active contracts on your register, what is their combined annual value

Of those current / active contracts, how many have you successfully renegotiated, varied or engaged and what was the saving you achieved in the last financial year from this activity in the last full financial year (2014/15)?
a) Answer -
b) Don't know

In reply to questions relating to the contracts register: The Council publishes its contracts on its website and all information is available here.