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FOI 10618

Roundabout Sponsorship Scheme


We recently contacted Essex CC in respect of the above, but they have advised that we seek this information from the Districts/Boroughs directly. I would therefore be grateful if you could respond in due course to my request below, or alternatively pass this email on to the relevant person.

I would be grateful if you could supply the following information under a FOI request in relation to your Roundabout Sponsorship Scheme, if applicable:-

1. Who currently manages your roundabout sponsorship scheme, if an external organisation, please state who?
2. What is the length of the current contract?
3. What is the expiry date of the current contract?
4. How many roundabouts are in the portfolio and available to be sold (sponsored)?
5. Are the roundabouts all rated by the VOA?
6. Do they all have planning permission?
7. How many sites are currently sold (sponsored)?
8. What % of revenue does the Council receive?
9. How much income did the scheme generate for the Council in the last full financial year?


Thank you for your recent FOI enquiry regarding Roundabout Sponsorship Scheme. I can confirm that this authority do no run such a scheme.