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Registation to Vote On Line



In response to your letter of 27/2/15:

People can now register to vote online at If they have no computer access, they can use a pc at the Town Hall or local library. Alternative methods are by completing a paper application form (Invitation to Register) which can either be downloaded from the government site or sent by post to the individual. Legislation requires the council to provide a reply-paid envelope with the form. Details can also be given to the Electoral Services Office by telephone and would be inputted on their behalf.

There was no annual canvass in 2014 due to the introduction of IER. For the last canvass, forms were hand-delivered to properties. Where there were no changes to the details, residents could confirm this either by phone or internet using the website listed and the security codes on the form. They could also return the form to the Town Hall, indicating any changes to the information or that details were correct. A reply-paid envelope was provided as required by legislation.

IER has meant that people have an additional method of registering. Previously, they could only register by completing a paper form. Now they have the choice as listed above. No decisions have been made regarding 2015 canvass but it is anticipated that it will be conducted on a similar basis as previously to establish who is living at the property, but with the requirement for new residents to register individually in accordance with IER.