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FOI 10277

planning appeal costs awards


Please could you provide the following information related to planning appeal costs in cases involving the council between 2010 and 2015 in electronic format, preferably in an Excel spreadsheet.

- the Planning Inspectorate reference number of any appeal subject to a costs decision

- whether the costs decision was granted or refused

- was a full or partial award of costs made

- the amount of the award

- whether the amount was paid to the appellant or to the council

- whether the costs been paid or if they are outstanding

If this request is too wide or unclear, I would be grateful if you could contact me as I understand that under the Act you are required to advise and assist requesters.

I understand that you are required to respond to my request within the 20 working days after you receive this message. I would be grateful if you could confirm that you have received this request.


Email sent with attachment.