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Brentwood Borough Council

FOI 10174

IT Contracts


Please can you provide me with the following details:

1) Which software and /or hardware does the council use for Filtering / Blocking / Monitoring access to the Internet for council staff and Education users.

2) Please include details of contracts for the above services the authority are currently engaged in, including:

* Capital & revenue costs
* Contract start and expiry dates
* Details of which filtering solution is used
* Which companies / resellers these were purchased from
* Number of internet accessing devices covered by the solution
* Names of the persons responsible for managing the system at the council


Websense Web (Cloud) Starts Dec 12 3yrs £ 4,000.00
Websense Email (Cloud) Starts Dec 12 3yrs £ 13,700.00
Websense support Starts Dec 12 3yrs £ 4,055.00
Websense WSGA (add) Starts Dec 12 3yrs £ 8,300.00
total: £ 30,055.00
Ie 3 yr contract £10k p.a.
We used
Websense reporter say we are covered for 400 users