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FOI 10094

Passenger Transport - Taxis.


Could you please advise of the number of registered taxis/vehicles
(private hire and hackney carriage) you licence.

If possible could you break the figures down in to the following

Licenced vehicles;

Taxis - 1 to 4 passenger seats:

Taxis - 5+ passenger seats:

Taxis - Wheelchair Accessible vehicles:


Also do you have a list or link to appropriate website where we may find
the taxi companies you licence for.


We currently license 262 Hackney Carriage Vehicles and 38 Private Hire Vehicles
Our database isn’t able to provide the breakdown you require as to seat numbers.

The wheelchair accessible taxis are on our website here

For the taxi companies in the Brentwood area it would be best to use a search engine as we don’t have a list of companies we license for.