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Theatres and Arts Centres


Could you please tell me how many theatres and arts centers are in your area.

Could you please also email me their names.

I'm looking for any space for live performance (not music) which is open to the public. For example, a school with a performing arts centre open to any member of the public would count, but a school stage which only opens to parents and relatives wouldn't.

Similarly, a visual art gallery or historic house whose main activity is not performance would count only if they programmed live performances open to the public, even if infrequently.

It can be of any size, even if it's part of another venue such as a pub.

I am a theatre producer looking to make a list of all the performance spaces in the UK that theatre shows could potentially be toured to.


Unfortunately the Borough Council does not hold such lists, but these are the ones I know of locally:
We only have 1 theatre locally, but many halls that could be used for performance:

Brentwood Theatre
The Brentwood Centre and all community halls associated with the Brentwood Leisure Trust.
Brentwood School Sports Centre
Ingatestone Hall
Parish Halls run by Parish Councils – there is a list of Parishes on our website you could contact for information -
Local parks are available for hire for outdoor performance

As far as I am aware the following schools’ stages are available to hire but you would need to check yourself:
The Ursuline Convent High School
The Anglo European School
Shenfield School Sports Hall
Brentwood County High School